Sunday, May 26, 2013

Vamos a Iglesia!!

El Dia Numero Dos en Guatemala...Que Bueno!!
(Day Two in Gautemala, how great!!)

Our day was welcomed with our first morning waking up in our Guatemala home!  We all ate breakfast together preparing to visit Manuel and his family's (the other family that lives in the other part of the house) church, for what would turn out to be one of the most Beautiful contemporary services rooted in Christ's love that we could only have imagined.  It was incredibly touching time to experience the Guatemalan culture and the love and the "Amens!" of God's people in his church...from the outpour of excitement during our "Hi-Lows" during dinner, each of us seemed to have a most wonderful take-away from service that touched on Matthew 25:14-30...the elder (The Elders preach more than the Pastors here) mentioned that we all have different talents that help bring unity and functionality to the church body...that "Tu responsibilidad es delante del Dios"...our responsibility is before Christ Jesus our Savior who so willingly gives us his gift of GRACE & LOVE.

This relaxing Sunday together ended with us spending time in a local park with Manuel and his kids  playing soccer in the pouring rain of Guatemala's VERY rainy season that we've just embarked was AWESOME!!!  We returned home soaked with joy in time for a sweet pasta dinner and a debriefing on the cool things to come in our day tomorrow when we first get to meet the Guatemalan interns and the poeple we will be serving and praying for through the week.  Amongst rehearsing our Faith lessons (for both kids & adults) and goofing off getting to know each other more closely, we are still learning that M&M's and our fave junk food are not readily available and more about the precious resource called WATER that we so conveniently take for granted...but this culture all in time!!

Mucho Amor,


  1. I am glad you are enjoying your trip. Love you, Mayra

  2. Ok babydoos stay out of trouble and the sun xoco love you bear.

  3. Hiiii! Nicky, Faby and I pray for you everyday, we love you and miss you, but understand the reason for your trip and we are endlessly proud of you.God bless all of you.

  4. I’m looking forward to seeing photos and hearing details of your trip. I enjoyed daily synopses you, Karen, Rachel, Tito (Ted), Alanna, Brian, Michael & Sarita shared. You have a great heart for GOD and I am so proud of you for sharing HIS word and unconditional love for us with others.

    Blessings and continued prayers to you, the CUC Mission Team, Manuel, Julian, Oscar, George Leger, the Only a Child ministry, Kevin, Ginny, the people of Guatemala City, Guatemalan missionaries and families, children in El Rincon, the people of Buena Vista, Betsy, Cesar, Sandra, Rudy’s family, the people of Amatitlan, Deaky Beaky, VBS & youth programs, and Carlota.

    Te quiero mija!